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A Different Tweed: Fashion Conversations with Bronwyn Cosgrave

Jun 17, 2019

Cora Sheibani’s fine jewelry collections have long proved to be a bellwether for contemporary style. Her presentation of ‘Clouds With a Silver Lining – shimmering silver and white gold diamond-embellished jewels – revealed Edeline Lee’s first independent fashion designs. Cora’s beauteous ‘Glow’ collection – signature pieces which, adorned with fluorescent gemstones, glow when exposed ultraviolet light – was recently exhibited at Louisa Guinness Gallery in tandem with the launch of Saint Laurent’s momentous glow-in-the-dark Fall 2019 women’s fashion show. And so on this episode of A Different Tweed, we meet Cora Sheibani at her London design studio to discover her influences, hear all about her thoughtful design process as well as the meticulous craft involved in producing her jewels, which are predominantly made in Switzerland, where Cora grew up. Over the course of our episode, you will discover how Cora’s immersion in the high-stakes contemporary art world has shaped her professional destiny.

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